A glimpse into living in Australia

Living down under is a whole adventure in itself! Or how else would you call spending your Christmas  soaking up the sun on the beach waiting for Santa to bring you some cold beer to beat the heat, or live among such a big diversity of people with so many different backgrounds and origins, or find yourself in a local natural park and have the feeling you’re the first one who’s ever set foot in there, and the list goes on with driving on the wrong side of the road and many other Australian curiosities 🙂

However, when you need even more adventure, you pack up your stuff, leave the big city and a whole new world comes on to your exploration, a world so pristine and so natural! I’ve never seen before such a pure nature untouched by human intervention. You can hike through rainforests and have the feeling you’re part in the plot of Jurassic Park; walk along sandy beaches and find they are endless; drive through deep forest and see a kangaroo jumping in front of the car without a faintest hesitation; visit a waterfall and find no one else around, only you and the whole scene to enjoy on your own. I was just imagining how many tourists would turn up to such a place if it was somewhere in Italy or Spain for example. Well, there are only 24mln inhabitants and they got a whole continent of their own, they can’t be everywhere, most often you’d find them chilling on the beach, sailing their boats in the ocean, riding high tide waves on their surfboards, mountain biking or just enjoying some barbecue in their backyard.




Melbourne or Melbs


City life is as fascinating and vibrant. People here are so spoilt for choice, there’s so much to see and to try regardless what your preferences are, there’s something fun to find for everyone’s taste.

If you’re a sport lover, you can enjoy an Australian Open match right in the arena or assist at the Formula 1 Grand Prix races and test your nerves at the tyres’ squealing as the cars drift on the heated pavement.

If you’re into fine dining, you can check the fancy restaurants in Southbank, most of them part of the grand resort Crown Melbourne, there you can also take the chance and try your luck in Australia’s biggest casino Crown.

If you’re a wine snob, you can walk your nose through polished Riedel glasses filled with special wines in a chic rooftop bar or hotel lounge.

If you’re just up for some good coffee and food to the same standard in a laid-back ambiance, then your go to place would most likely be the hip Fitzroy with its best roasters and baristas brewing quality coffee and continuously setting new trends in coffee making.

If you like to play hard and have some fun, there’s also something in store for you. Chapel street is renowned for its bars and clubs, vibrant atmosphere and ongoing parties. As someone described it to me “Chapel street is a street where you go and never come back…”, the guy must have had his share 🙂

There’s just so much to say about every neighbourhood and suburb of Melbourne, they are so special and so different from each other, and that’s what makes the city so unique, so hip and worth of the coveted award “world’s most liveable city in the world”, for the seventh year in a row.




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